Are you ready to take your riding skills to the next level? come practice with the ones who ride for a living!

ProRider Central Texas is planning on adding several practice sessions throughout the year, where riders can come to improve their skills.  The practice sessions will consist of multiple cone patterns exercises with different levels of difficulty that will accommodate all riders.  The practice sessions will start at 8:00am and end around 4:30pm.

These sessions are $195 for TWO DAYS.  There are only fifteen (15) spots available per practice session.  Practice sessions will be held on a Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd at the Melissa Middle School, located at, 3150 Cardinal Drive Melissa Tx 78454.  

The flow of the practice sessions will be as follows:

  • We will go over each exercise in detail with a demo ride.
  • Riders will then be able to practice any of the patterns at their own pace. 
  • We will walk around and give tips and answer any questions. 
  • There will be music and great fellowship with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


  • Riders must have a “M” endorsement
  • Street Legal Motorcycle
  • Current insurance
  • Valid Registration 
  • Rider must wear a DOT approved helmet, long sleeve or Jacket, Durable long pants, over the ankle footwear. 

Intended Audience:

The practice sessions are intended for riders who have already taken the ProRider Central Texas Advanced course or an equivalent course. Or riders who have a firm grasp of basic slow speed riding techniques.  

All riders MUST complete a “HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT” form prior to participating in a practice session.  I will post the date of the practice sessions at least a month out.  If you would like to be added to the email notification list, send an email to and include your name and that you would like your email address added to the  email notification list. 


Exercise #1 – Straight Line Cone Weave

Exercise #2 – Offset Cone Weave

Exercise #3 – U-Turns

Exercise #4 – Right / Left Turn From A Stop

Exercise #5 – Keyhole 

Exercise #6 – Double 360

Exercise #7 – Intersection(Iron Cross)

Exercise #8 – The W

Bonus Exercise – This will be several cone patterns put together

**Exercises may vary**


Melissa Middle School

3150 Cardinal Dr.

Melissa, Tx 78454

Prorider Central Texas

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